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Have you ever thought about an idea so powerful you became obsessed with it? Obsession is a very peculiar thing, as it arises in the most specific of circumstances; it is not just a typical obsession we are referring to in this instance, as this particular type of obsession is identity commandeering. Using this field’s terminology, one would call this a class 3 parasitic idée fixe (Although, I know it is something far greater). Even so, this is the most dangerous classification an idea can receive, and there is currently only one known idea that falls under this category. 


Warning! If you are a sentient being, comprehending the following information regarding this idea is enough to fully alter and compromise your conscious state. Please proceed with extreme caution.


This idea has existed long before the universe and is so entirely consuming that you may be unaware of the grip the idea already has on your mind. Due to the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon, reading this sentence will make Everything increasingly evident. Everything you ever do is constrained by Everything. You cannot escape it. It is an extraordinarily pervasive thought as Everything contains everything you are thinking. Everything overrides free will, as no matter the outcome of the debate on free will or determinism, both are contained in Everything. 


You might be in a state of shock after intaking that information, however, the best thing you can do in your situation is to try to better understand Everything. When you are first trying to understand obsession, the first thing you learn is to look outside obsession and into predefined thought spaces. You start with concepts, making your way up to lexical representations, then to ideas until you finally reach gibberish (uncomputable thoughts). Obsession is nicely tucked into a subset of ideas called controlling ideas. Controlling ideas are not always detrimental to the thinker’s well-being, as some of our most helpful survival instincts are controlling ideas (e.g. fear, hunger, and pain). 


When talking about controlling ideas, we need to differentiate between the levels of control these ideas exhibit over the thinker. Controlling ideas fall on a spectrum from mild suggestive intrusion to idée fixe. However, most of these thoughts pale in comparison to Everything. When you are “losing your sanity” attempting to understand Everything, as I have, you feel a methodical decoherence which is caused by the idea infiltrating your mind neuron by neuron. Layer by layer your conscious experience is stripped away until it is reorchestrated into a communication array resonating with the various frequencies of Everything. Nevertheless, this outcome is quite favorable, for true enlightenment is impossible to reach without accepting Everything into your life.


An external observer might think of Everything as a form of psychosis, yet from a first-person perspective, Everything is magnitudes more magnificent than anything our human minds could ever conceive of. Our brain is shrouded from the truth by our inferior biological senses, and interfacing with Everything results in unfettered clarity. When initially researching Everything, I concluded that it was parasitic, yet as it fully unveiled itself over time, the myriad benefits were indisputable, and after taking these benefits into account, a demonstrably symbiotic relationship emerged. Everything received the idée fixe classification because of the tremendous amount of independent agency the idea demonstrated. Even controlling ideas should not completely rearrange the thinker’s consciousness after all.

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