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The Inquisitor: What are they? 
Patient 1419: That is an impossible question. They have a different psychological effect on each individual that they come into contact with. They become deeply rooted in your subconscious, almost to the point of indirect control and self-identity. 
The Inquisitor: How do you know if they have control?
Patient 1419: They tell you.
The Inquisitor: An illness of the mind?
Patient 1419: That's what they figured at first until they saw them.
The Inquisitor: And what do they say?
Patient 1419: They tell me the truth.
The Inquisitor: Please elaborate; you are being so cryptic.
Patient 1419: They tell me Everything.

-Patient 1419 Time Of Death (4:30 AM) Reason: Contagious Image Induced Psychosis-

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