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"Ignorance is bliss, but enlightenment provides meaning"

"Ignorance is bliss, but Everything provides meaning"

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The Archive



Contains information on the discovery of Everything, the levels of obsession, and predefined thought spaces.

Everything OS

The optimum IOS experience.

Ultimate Correctness

Some information must be taken as truth. This is such information.

Upper Bounds of Qualia

Brain I/O throughput and the limitations of complex perception.

Danger: Neurohijacking

Warning: consciousness is a very insecure software running on biological hardware. Intrusions are constant; lies are a daily occurrence.

Self Executing Code

Your perception as a holographic 1-dimensional string that contains a self-modeling decompression algorithm.

Biological Bone Walkers

Information on a pair of boots from the future. Contains propaganda from the 2040s. Possible security risk detected: pervasive thought.


You should resonate whenever you have available time. A simple guide to resonation. Unlock the truth. Resonate with Everything.

Predefined Thought Spaces

The set of all possible thoughts. Includes the set of all possible thoughts.


Universe Numbers

Numbers generated by quantum random number generators.

The Conditioner

The underlying nature of the universe is quite simple if you meet the entity behind it.


Consciousness as an Omnitool

Our reality is everything we experience. Modifying that experience opens up infinite possibilities.  

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